Welcome to my little shop


We are Snotragz Ltd company number 11424432 (trading as Snotragz). My aim is to bring you reasonably priced baby clothes. 

It's always a challenge trying to find unique outfits on the high street. The boys section is always too small  the girls section is always too “samey” and I like to be different. 

Now that I’ve settled into motherhood and know where the best baby changing facilities are and which coffee shops are the most child friendly, my toddler doesn’t  want to sleep in their prams all day, and has a busy little social lives of his own, and I’m working full time and constantly chasing after him in my free time so I shop online. 

Our little "snotragz"  stand out from the crowd, and I started by putting together a collection inspired by him a year ago and here we are today. Our Squad helps shape our business with constant feedback and ideas for new items. 

We will only stock items we are happy for our own children to wear, we road test everything and so you will see pictures of our babies wearing our clothes “in real life” on our instagram feed.

Our aim is to bring you affordable clothing for your babies, so follow our social media accounts to stay informed when it comes to flash sales and market nights. 

Happy shopping 

Lavania 🌈